Nicole & Piero

When Nikča and Piero approached us that they would like a wedding planned from us after the experience at Nikča’s sister Lucka´s wedding, we were sooo excited.

We had a challenge ahead of us – to prepare a wedding that will be completely different, will reflect Nikča and Piero’s style and, above all, where 100 adults and almost 20 children will feel great. We have been planning this playful wedding weekend for a year and three quarters. Half of the wedding guests arrived already on Friday, when the bride and groom prepared a lot of games and competitions for them. In the meantime, we turned the all-white barn together into a natural jungle, which was based on Nikči and Piero’s living space – wood, pot flowers, industrial elements.

Even the main wedding day itself was a little different. It started with lunch in such a street food style, the guests had a choice of 3 dishes. The ceremony wasn’t until 3:00 p.m., and when the newlyweds walked through the aisle, they immediately followed up with the first dance as a surprise for the guests present. After the photo shoot the guests were seated and dinner could start.

The most amazing videographers captured the best of the entire wedding day on video.

And what did Nicole and Piero write about us?

Best wedding planning decision we could have made. Thanks to Pro Lásku, we had no stress with the organization, we enjoyed everything, we knew that everything was under control. They helped us choose suppliers and then communicated with them. They came up with amazing original ideas. After we described what we liked, they came up with the decoration, which they installed all on the spot and added the real charm to the place. The organization on the wedding day was invaluable. In retrospect, I can’t imagine them not being there and everything falling on us and the family. This way everyone could really enjoy the wedding day and everything was taken care of. Thank you once again!


Location: po.spolu

Concept, decorations, flowers, prints: pro Lásku

Photography: Martin Faltejsek

Video: DIB Production

MUAH: Kamila Klečková

Wedding dress: Salon Le Monika

Furnitutre in the barn: Nábytkárna

Lounge zones, inventory: Maximum inventory

Cake: Adie dorty

Sweets: Kus koláče

Officiant: Dobroslav Makovička

Band: PoZemi

Rings: Eppi

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