Kamila & Tom

When you say “cultural house”, you probably don’t imagine any great splendour. But Tom and Kamila had no other option for their expected 150 guests in their area, so we had to tackle it as best we could.

3 days of work before the wedding day – a complete furniture change, hanging 150m of lights, 75m of drapery, centering the chandeliers exactly over the round ones. It was a chore, but the result was definitely worth it.

It was also another first for us, and that was with a completely vegan caterer. This fact stirred up conflicting emotions in both families for the whole six months before the wedding, ideas were dropped in the form of accessories such as a necklace made out of bacon etc. In the end we all had to admit that it was a nice change. It’s just the hangover the next day – vegetables and chickpeas don’t turn the stomach like schnitzels and schnapps, do they? But the sweet stuff? And what did it look like? A total bomb!


And what did Tom and Kamila write about us?

One of the best decisions we ever made when planning a wedding? To entrust it to the Agency for Love! Thanks to her, we’ve been reminiscing for over a year now about a beautiful day, polished to a tee! ❤️ And we mean that literally. If I had to change anything in retrospect, it would only be to be more at ease because Terka was always ready for anything! Even if we remembered something at the last minute, she had already arranged it ahead of time. So, in addition to perfect organization and always positive attitude, they seem to be developing the ability to read minds! Plus, they come up with even better ideas than you imagined. 😁 Thank you very much and we recommend it!


Location: Kulturní dům v Měříně, Vysočina

Concept, decorations, flowers: pro Lásku

Photography: Radek Koudela

Video: Dominik Jirovský

Catering, cake, sweets: Green Leaves

Inventory: Nábytkárna,Maximum Inventory

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